Frequently Asked Questions


A limited selection of Haus Quiver gear is now available to reserve in Gravity Haus Vail with local pick-up/drop-off.

Based on community feedback we have made the following policy changes:

– All HQ gear is available to reserve for up to 72 hours, including bikes –
– A member can have up to two HQ reservations at any time –

Questions about Haus Quiver? We are here to help! Select your question from the dropdowns below. If we didn't answer your question, email us at!


What is Haus Quiver, exactly?

Haus Quiver is an exciting benefit for Gravity Haus members. Through our easy-to-use mobile app Haus Quiver provides members-only access to a year-round gear closet of bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, skis, snowboards, splitboards, snowshoes, and backcountry setups as well as a growing collection of hiking, climbing, fishing, running and camping gear. Gravity Haus believes access to incredible adventures and amazing outdoor experiences should be affordable and accessible to anyone, and through Haus Quiver we make premium gear readily available to everyone in the community.

After pre-booking your gear, head to a pre-selected fulfillment location in downtown Denver or any of 13 mountain resorts in the U.S. and Canada.

It’s our gear. It’s your Quiver. Use our equipment whenever you want, as often as you want. When you’re finished, simply return the gear for other community members to use and start planning your next outdoor adventure.

How is Haus Quiver different than renting?

Unlike traditional expensive sub-par rentals and equipment demos, Haus Quiver is a new model of sustainable gear use where Gravity Haus members can reserve premium gear from any of our curated partners with no restrictions. Swap your gear depending on your needs, try a new brand or length, try a new sport without spending thousands of dollars to purchase new equipment, or stick with your favorites – it’s all up to you.

What gear is available with Haus Quiver?

Through partnerships with top industry brands we curate a quiver with all the gear you need to experience the outdoors – whether you’re a seasoned pro or ready to to try a new sport, Gravity Haus membership with Haus Quiver access is for you.

  • Bikes
  • Paddleboards
  • kayaks
  • camping, FISHING, hiking + climbing equipment
  • skis
  • snowboards
  • splitboards
  • backcountry sKIs

We’re continuing to add more partners and gear ahead of summer. Stay tuned to our GEAR page for details and download the Gravity Haus App to view the specific products, images and specs.

What will my Haus Quiver reservation include? Do I need my own boots, googles, or helmet?

Haus Quiver winter reservations include the newest lines of alpine skis (and poles), snowboards, splitboards and backcountry setups. Backcountry gear reservations include touring boots, but ski, snowboard and splitboard reservations do not include boots.

All Backcountry reservations include skins and adjustable poles. We also have beacons, shovels, probes and backcountry ski packs available.

Helmets, googles and other accessories are not included with a Haus quiver reservation but may be purchased separately at the time of fulfillment.

Paddleboard and kayak reservations with include paddles, any necessary pumps and PFDs.

Bike reservations include a helmet.

For additional questions, please contact

Where can I pick up gear?

Gravity Haus members with Haus Quiver reservations can pick up their gear at a one of our urban or mountain fulfillment locations including Denver, Breck, Vail + more – check out the locations here!

Just select the pick-up location you would like when browsing for gear in the Gravity Haus app, to see the gear options at each individual location.

Sweet! I’m totally in - how do I sign up?

You can sign up for Gravity Haus membership online here. Please note, the name on your membership is the person required to pick up your gear.

Already a Gravity Haus member and want to add Haus Quiver to your existing membership? Just open the Gravity Haus app, and under “My Account”, select “Haus Quiver” from the list of available add-ons.

Do I have to be an Epic Pass user?

No. Members can pick-up/drop-off Haus Quiver gear at any of the 12 Epic Pass resorts during the 2020-2021 winter season. Backcountry setups are available from our HQ Breck location only.

Starting in March 2021, the Quiver includes Burton snowboard fulfillment from their Denver Flagship Store: 2649 Walnut Street Denver CO, 80205

Year-round gear fulfillment is currently available in Denver and Breck, with limited gear available in Vail and remains in-progress for Winter Park.

Do I need to be an experienced skier / snowboarder / athlete to be a Gravity Haus member and use Haus Quiver?

No specific experience level necessary! With Haus Quiver, you’ll have exclusive selection from top of the line gear for all skill levels and ages, including youth sizes.

Use of our Backcountry Setups require proof of avalanche certification, going with a professional guided tour, or staying on the groomed resort trails (while adhering to resort uphill policies outside of resort operating hours)..

Can I cancel my membership?

We’re sorry to see that you want to cancel your membership. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your membership during the period you committed to.

Are sizes available for kids?

We do have youth sized skis and snowboards. Unfortunately we do not have dedicated youth products for other categories, but larger kids may be able to fit on adult equipment.

Existing GH Members

How do I add Haus Quiver to my current Gravity Haus membership?

If you are an active EXPLORER or ALL-IN member, unlimited access to Haus Quiver is included with your current membership. Just download the Gravity Haus app and start booking.

If you are an active WEEKENDER or LOCAL member, you can add Haus Quiver to your membership for only $40/mo. Just open the Gravity Haus app, and under “My Account”, select “Haus Quiver” from the list of available add-ons. Or, email today in order to have it added!

Gravity Haus App

Is there an Android app?

Yes, Haus Quiver reservations are available in the Gravity Haus App on the Google Play Store.

Reserving and Using Gear

When will summer reservations be available for booking?

Members can make reservations for summer gear using the Gravity Haus App.

When will summer gear be available for members to use?

Certain gear items are available for use now. Some gear items are delayed due to supply-chain issues. Download the Gravity Haus App to see the inventory of gear currently available.

How do I reserve my gear?

Step 1: Download the Gravity Haus app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Step 2: Open the GEAR tile from the main page, and choose your location

Step 3: Choose your desired gear and rental dates.

Step 4: Confirm your booking – you’re all set to head into the shop you selected and pick-up your equipment.

So, do I just walk into the shop and ask for my gear?

It’s as simple as that! When you confirm your booking in the app, you’ll see a QR code and a confirmation number in your reservation email. Just show your code or confirmation number at pickup, and the shop will get you all set up with the equipment you selected. If you’re getting skis, just make sure you bring your boots!

How long can I use my Haus Quiver equipment?

Haus Quiver reservations lengths depend on the equipment selected. For skis and snowboards in the winter, you can keep the equipment for up to 3 days. Summer equipment is also available for reservations up to 72hrs in duration.

Can I have multiple simultaneous bookings?

Haus Quiver access allows only one booking at a time, per individual subscription. However, you can make up to two (2) future bookings at once, if you’d prefer to plan ahead and lock in your favorite gear.

Can someone else pick up/drop-off for me?

No – you’ll need to sign for your Haus Quiver equipment, so if your name is on the Gravity Haus membership, you’ll need to be present at pickup. If you have a trusted friend or family member, it’s OK for them to return/drop-off the gear for you.

I have a friend that’s coming to town and would like to use Haus Quiver equipment with them, can that happen?

We may be able to allow friends of HQ members to access some equipment on the day of, for an additional rental fee, based on availability.

Please note this will not be allowed for bikes, paddleboards or kayaks – we cannot extend access for these products to friends of members. In this scenario the most cost-effective option may be for your friend to join Gravity Haus as an EXPLORER member to use Haus Quiver – and, when you refer a new member to Gravity Haus you receive a referral credit. Email to learn more.

Can I take equipment out for more than the maximum rental period?

Unfortunately, so that we can provide equal equipment access to all members, we need to adhere to our rental periods, and cannot extend rental periods past the maximum date. Product kept past the return date will be assessed late fees.


No – all of our gear is specific to the location you picked it up at, so we cannot allow items from one shop to be returned to a different location.

Worst case scenario: what if my gear is lost or damaged?

If your equipment is missing or damaged, you may be responsible for replacement or repair costs. Fees or penalties are at the discretion of the individual rental shop, and will be the full value of repair or replacement of the item.