Q: What is Haus Quiver, exactly?
A: Haus Quiver gives you on-demand access to performance ski and snowboards through a mobile app. After pre-booking your gear, head to our convenient locations at 6 resorts in U.S. and Canada. With a seasonal Haus Quiver membership, you can enjoy unlimited access to demo performance skis and snowboards from the top brands – Faction, Burton, Icelantic, K2, and Never Summer.

How is Haus Quiver different than renting?
A:  Unlike traditional expensive rentals, we’re saying goodbye to long lines, late fees, and limited selection. Haus Quiver gives you the chance to try out performance skis and snowboards  gear with no restrictions. Swap your gear depending on conditions , try a new brand or length, or stick with your favorites – it’s all up to you.  

Q: What will my rental include? Do I need my own boots, googles, or helmet?
A: Haus Quiver gear includes the newest lines of skis (and poles) and snowboards only. If you need any other equipment, you’ll contact your preferred shop location for pricing and availability.

Q: Where can I pick up gear?
A: Haus Quiver members  enjoy an expedited lane at premier, slopeside locations at 6 Epic Pass locations – Breckenridge, Vail, Crested Butte, South Lake Tahoe, Park City, Whistler. – check out the locations here!

Q: Sweet! I’m totally in – how do I sign up?
A: You can sign up for your membership online here, or by downloading the Haus Quiver app on your iPhone or iPad. Please note, the name on your membership is the person required to pick up your gear.

Q: Do i have to be an epic pass user?
A: No, however Haus Quiver locations are only at Epic Pass resorts as of the 2019-2020 season.

Q: Is there an Android app?
A. Right now, Haus Quiver is only available on Apple devices. Have an Android? Download the app on an iPad or a friend’s iPhone. Simply prebook your gear and have your confirmation email handy at pickup. Let us know you’re interested in an Android app!

Q: How long will my membership last?
A: Your membership is valid for the entire season, and your subscription will renew automatically 365 days later. (Heads up, our current $99 deal is just for the 2019-2020 season!) However, you can cancel before the renewal date.

Q: Do I need to be an experienced skier / snowboarder to be a member of Haus Quiver?
A: No specific experience level necessary! With a Haus Quiver subscription, you’ll have exclusive selection from top of the line gear for all skill levels and ages, including youth skis and boards.

Q: How do I reserve my gear?
A: Step 1: Download the Haus Quiver app on your iPhone or iPad.
 Step 2: Choose your location – Breck, Crested Butte, Park City, Vail, Lake Tahoe, or Whistler
 Step 3: Choose your skis or boards, appropriate length, and number of days.
 Step 4: Confirm your booking – you’re all set to head into the shop.

Q: So, do I just walk into the shop and ask for my gear?
A: It’s as simple as that! When you confirm your booking in the app, you’ll see a QR code and a confirmation number in your reservation email. Just show your code or confirmation number at pickup, and the shop will get you scanned, signed, and boots adjusted.

Q: How long can I use my skis / board?
A: Haus Quiver gear bookings are available for 7 days at a time. After that time, you’ll need to head back into the shop to swap your gear.

Q: Can I have multiple simultaneous bookings?
A: Haus Quiver subscriptions allow only one booking at a time, per individual subscription. However, you can make up to 3 future bookings at once, if you’d prefer to line up rentals and lock in your favorite gear.

Q: Can someone else pick up/drop-off for me?
A: No – you’ll need to sign for your skis or board, so if your name is on the Haus Quiver membership, you’ll need to be present at pickup. If you have a trusted friend or family member, it’s OK for them to drop-off for you.

Q: Worst case scenario: what if my gear is lost or damaged?
A: If your equipment is missing or damaged, you may be responsible for replacement or repair costs. Fees or penalties are at the discretion of the individual rental shop.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?
A: We’ll be bummed to see you go, but you can cancel your membership through the app – just head to your account settings. Please note, refunds are not offered on the original subscription period.

If we didn’t answer your question, let us know!